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ss_interject's Journal

27 August
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if you react to a moment of ignorance that we all face from time to time and you react with "they dont accept me for who I am" and who you are refers to:
ethnicity - where you come from
Sexuality - who you take to bed
Gender - Gender

We wont have anything in common. These things are a part of you but to say they are who you are and that they take a defining role in your ethical and moral judgements as well as who you are as a person? Then who you are as a person does not explain your decisions, but allows you to make them based on a mould you are trying to fit.

One day you may realise that the person whose opinion matters most is your own and if you have lost your self respect then you will truly be alone. What is right and what is wrong should simply be about what is good for people and what is bad but more than that - does it hurt someone or does it support someone. Understand that if you cannot use ethnicity, sexuality and gender as reasoning to define a choice, then you sure as hell cant use it define good and bad.
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